How to Fill out TR-205

MC 103 – Ch 2 (Preparing)

The most important things in TBWD are:

  • Enter your Not Guilty plea, or mention that you have already entered your “Written Not Guilty plea” letter. 
    Provide a hard copy of your “Written Not Guilty plea” letter along with its return receipt.
  • State the reason(s) for such violation
    • witnesses who were at the scene, and who can help your case, and their written statements
    • avoiding an accident where it cannot be disproved by any witnesses
    • unclear road signs or signals with proof of photos
    • invalid E & T survey with hard copies of E & T survey
  • Bail check payment (exclude traffic school admin fee), and with “Not Guilty” written in the “Notes” area of the check
  • Request for TDN in case you are to be found guilty.
  • Request for an option to attend traffic school and fine reduction in case you are to be found guilty.

Refer to our TBWD examples.


TR205 Sample (Page 1 of 4):


TR205 Sample (Page 2 of 4):


TR205 Sample (Page 3 of 4):


TR205 Sample (Page 4 of 4):


Witness Statement:


Photo 01:


Photo 02:


Photo 03:


Diagram 01:


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