Personal Review 05/29/2014

Main.h ->

IPhoneAppDelegate ->

    – (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions

               1. set window property (UIWindow)

               2. start tick tock for checking version and socket. TickTock(NSObject)

———TickTock (timer, handlers, lastExecutionTimes properties & protocol (NSString)handlerId, (NSTimeInterval)intervalForExecution, (void)execute)

               3. [ticktock addHandler: version Checker]. Version Checker(NSObject) implement TickTock protocol.

(BTW, NSObject has description property.) 

———NSURL, NSURLRequest, NSOperationQueue, NSURLConnection, 

———- + (void)sendAsynchronousRequestHttps:(NSURLRequest *)request queue:(NSOperationQueue *)queue completionHandler:(void (^)(NSURLResponse *, NSData *, NSError *))handler {URLConnectionDelegate} login data validation(SFHFKeychainUtils).

if login, create web socket, [MDWamp] & _window.rootViewController use [FlipBoardNavigationController] go to menu

otherwise, use [FlipBoardNavigationController] go to signUpPage.

5. Base View Controller.

i. TopBar[UIView] & Bottonbar[UIToolbar] & overlayView

ii. viewWillAppear{[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver}

6. Session. First, get NSHomeDirectory

i. [NSFileManager defaultManagerfileExistsAtPath/createDirectoryAtPath


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