Change ARC into no-ARC

Of the few up-and-coming networking libraries out there for Objective-C, it seems AFNetworking has the most momentum right now, so you’re going to use this one as well. Head over to the AFNetworking Git and download the current version. (Short docs are included on the page, too.)

After downloading, inside the AFNetworking folder you’ll find a subfolder called “AFNetworking.” Just drag and drop it into your project file list. You should get a prompt similar to the following:


Make sure that “Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed)” is checked so that the AFNetworking files will be copied into your project folder. Click Finish, and you should see the AFNetworking files included in your files list.

AFNetworking files

AFNetworking is not ARC-compatible, but your skeleton project is set to use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). So you’ll have to set the AFNetworking classes to be non-ARC so that the compiler knows how to handle them.

Select the Xcode project root (as in the picture above), and then switch to the “Build Phases” tab in the right-hand pane. Find and open the “Compile Sources” strip and you’ll see the classes to be compiled within your project.

Scroll down. At the bottom you’ll see all the files for AFNetworking (from AFHTTPClient.m to UIImageView+AFNetworking.m). Select them all (as in the image below), press Enter on the keyboard and in the popup enter “-fno-objc-arc” and click Done. All the AFNetworking files should now be marked as not supporting ARC.



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