Three20Core compile question


Three20Core/private/TTExtensionInfoPrivate.h file not found

I am updating an application (not developed by me) that uses three20. I was successful in getting it to build and run on Xcode 4.3.1 which is great :o) I am now concerned about memory leaks (no arc in the app yet) and want to run the app through the profiler. When I try to do this (Product –> Profile) I get Three20 build errors again. Specifically “Three20Core/private/TTExtensionInfoPrivate.h”file not found and a Shell Script Invocation Error in the three20/src/scripts/Protect.command: line 31 line 31 in the Protect.command was added in to get the app built and running on this version of Xcode – it reads: cd ${PREFIX}${PUBLIC_HEADERS_FOLDER_PATH}


Fixed the problem above – the TTExtensionInfoPrivate.h file was in the Three20Core directory and there was no private subdirectory. Removed “private/” from the two #import Three20Core/private/TTExtensionInfoPrivate.h commands (these were in TTExtensionInfo.m and TTExtensionLoader.m) and was able to build and run my app through the profiler.


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